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In over thirty years as a teacher and lecturer in the area of English as a Foreign or Second Language (EFL/ESL) and well-known for his entertaining and informative talks on the ELT conference and lecture circuit, Maurice Claypole has amassed a wealth of practical experience to add to his formal qualifications in the fields of education and languages. He is a graduate of the University of London and holds a doctorate in Education. He is also a Member of the Institute of Linguists and the Institute of Translation and Interpreting as well as a Fellow Member of the College of Teachers.

Maurice Claypole originated the Fractal Approach to ELT and has also developed specialized lesson materials and educational software.

In 2009 he introduced the concept of COLT (Content-Oriented Language Teaching) in connection with the teaching of Technical English and presented his vision for the future of ELT as the opening plenary of the 2011 English UK Teachers’ Conference in London and at the 2012 BESIG Annual Conference in Stuttgart.

In addition to being an author, he is a published translator and director of an independent language school.

The author’s personal home page can be found at http://www.mauriceclaypole.com.

Maurice Claypole BA Hons, MA (Lond), MCIL, CertEd, FCollT, AITI, PhD

Author, Translator and Language Consultant

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What you always wanted to know about teaching English but were afraid to ask

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